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University of Cambridge

Physics IA

Classical Mechanics, Introduction to Thermodynamics, Introduction to Quantum Physics, Special Relativity

One of the skills of solving problems in physics is to think on paper. The tidier you are, and the clearer your diagrams, the easier you will find it to answer problems. Make it easy for the marker to give you the marks. See my Good Practice guide for solving problems.

Gradute Electronic Structure Course

Taught as part of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Computational Methods for Materials Science.

An Example of Using CASTEP-NMR from the beginning [pdf].

A Real World Example of First-Principles Spectroscopy [ pdf ].

Part II Literature Reviews

See literature review section of project page.

Part III Projects

See part III project section of project page.

University College London

At UCL I supervised problem solving classes:

  • Mathematical Methods I (PHAS1245) Vector Algebra, Complex Numbers, Integration Techniques
  • Mathematical Methods II 1st and 2nd Order O.D.E.s, Line, Area and Volume Integrals, Vector Spaces, Matrices and Transformations, Introduction to Special Relativity.