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Please add suggestions for the SMS

  • Add some examples or a 'setup wizard' for the flash player.

Suggestions from Steve Greenham:

  • A convenient improvement would be to include the name of the author of a video directly in the menu page. It is not very convenient to have to click on the title of a video to see its author. (This is feedback from a public user)
  • Add 'Recorded Date' or 'Event Date' field.
  • The ability to Sort listings (ideally sort by author/date in collections).
  • I would like to suggest the ability to allow sub-collections within collections. Extra Collection hierarchies would allow categories within sections. For example, I would use this feature to create one week conference workshop events within six month research programme events.
  • I would really like to see "Camera Operator" in the credits if possible.
    • (bdj10) I complained once about the bizarre collection of credit types available and was told this was industry standard (European Broadcasting Association or something), and could not be changed. I'm about to upload a video where I plan to use the 'Photographer' credit type, followed by 'camcorder' in brackets in the text (and for the person doing the introduction I'll use 'Anchor', of course, what else?).
  • I would also prefer that all links from the "Terms & Conditions (Legal Stuff)" page open in a new window please.
  • Please could you make available the code examples on how to display the new RSS feeds in a web page using jQuery (+jfeed plugin perhaps?)[Update - I've now added a javascript example using google feed api]
  • Can you make the code available for how you display featured videos?
  • I would love an iPhone/Android App which uses the RSS feeds to display video lists, and is customisable by department (might have a go at an Android version myself if I get time!) (si202) So would we
    • (bdj10) xFeed is a nice app for the iPhone. But why is there not a single feed for the whole site (showing all recent uploads)?

Suggestion from Lucy Capewell:

It would also be great if people visiting the University video site could see a one click 'embed this video' else where button. I also like the controls that disappear when you move the mouse away.

Suggestions from Brian Josephson (bdj10):

  • I have a video of one of my lectures which I uploaded to Google Video, and then as the slides were unclear added the text of the slides as captions (which facility Google Video provides). These are in a separate file that specifies the text items and when they should be displayed. I propose that the service provides a similar facility if it does not already have it.
    • This is remarkably hard to do in the general case and the SMS is all about the general case. Our solution to this was to offer a screencast setting which makes it more likely that slides will be legible.
  • Google currently finds material on the upload site as well as on the official public pages on I suggest this is undesirable. This phenomenon seems to be a consequence of the line in the source code that says

<meta name="ROBOTS" content="INDEX, NOFOLLOW">

Just changing the program so that INDEX is replaced by NOINDEX should deal with the problem, for future pages at least -- I don't know how difficult it would be to make the change retrospective as well. One might also bar access to the upload site altogether except with Raven login, though this could have the disadvantage of breaking links that people have already made to the upload site (there are a small number of these).

  • update (Aug. 18, 2008): Google now finds the files but does not recognise them as videos and does not list them in its Video search. Anyone got any ideas for getting around this?

bdj10 17:25, 17 January 2010 (GMT)

  • It would be more appropriate I suggest if the metadata pages said 'uploaded by' where they currently say 'created by'. Uploading is not a particularly creative act, whereas making a movie, or giving a talk, is. The present wording tends to confuse. Do people agree?

bdj10 17:31, 17 January 2010 (GMT)

Suggestions from Barney Brown (bjb42)

  • I know we've got lots of content management systems in the University and ultimately we may end up with even more. A number of these have the ability to integrate with media servers where APIs permit. Some sort of generic API into the SMS so that we could pipe it's contents (and manipulate it) with third party applications would be brilliant.
  • The playlists work in the agreed changes list is excellent. Would it be possible to make the collections and items browse-able by keyword as well (like most blog sites for example). This could be a case of making the keywords in the keyword list hyperlinks that kick of keyword related search query.

Suggestion from Mark Turin (22 April 2010):

  • Great service and great interface, but as I have already added materials to DSpace it would be useful if there were a way to extract large 2-3GB data files and the associated metadata from DSpace and then ingest them into SMS pretty automatically, rather than reuploading the files and then duplicating storage on DSpace in the process. In short, creating more connectivity between SMS and DSpace in both directions.
    • We agree that this would be a good idea. It is slightly tricky to arrange in a way that fits how DSpace (and the SMS) currently work. (JPK)

Suggestion from Ian Davies (Ian.Davies@cl)

  • "Would you consider allowing links to in the metadata? Or at least providing some sort of automatic extraction of data from when creating a media item? I'd appreciate your thoughts."
    • We're in discussion with CARET regarding how this might be done (JPK)

Suggestion from mvl22:

Suggestion from Brian Josephson (bdj10)

  • viewing on the iPod etc. is not entirely straightforward: you have to click on the 'other formats' tab, select a version suitable for the iPod, and then click on download rather than view. It may be good to include some help on this point. --bdj10 23:06, 18 August 2010 (BST)
  • incidentally, why doesn't the view button work with the iPod etc., even with non-flash content? Does the iPod just not do embedding, or is this something that can be fixed? --bdj10 11:11, 19 August 2010 (BST)
  • (why does this system zap my typing occasionally when I click on preview? Grrr!) I suggest there be a separate system for mobiles if that problem can't be fixed, providing only 'view' links that show just the video, and no metadata. This is pretty standard for sites such as wikipedia and YouTube, and perhaps would not be that difficult to implement (I've already had to persuade one person that you really do have to click on download, not view, to view my video on an iPod). --bdj10 17:05, 19 August 2010 (BST)
  • The SMS should handle PAL (720x576) with non square pixels much better. (jpk28)

Suggestion from Brian Josephson (bdj10)

  • re the problem of adding slides to audio. Some sites have special software for displaying slides. We don't have this, but can I suggest there be at least a facility to use embed code to embed say a pdf file of the slides. I assume there's some way of making it a scrolling window so the listener can keep scrolling to go from one slide to the next.

--bdj10 20:03, 12 February 2011 (GMT)

  • A 'private preview' or a way to de-list an item from the SMS front end for a limited period would be useful where external speakers want to review the content before final release. (ehk20)
  • Permit serving of content over https for where https pages wish to embed content, and web browsers object to mixed content. (mjr66) Now done
    • (dwm37) The additional computational costs of SSL encryption may now be insiginificant; see: Adam Langley's Velocity 2012 talk writeup and follow-up. Also: this is an example of mixed scripting, not merely mixed content, and so, modulo Flash's mixed-content policies, should be fixable without also needing to serve the full media payload over SSL. See also his HOPE9 talk for further discussion.