Cambourne busway

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Cambourne busway


A long-running Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) project to create a new high-quality bus route between Cambourne and Cambridge via the West Cambridge site. Also known as the Cambourne to Cambridge project. Please see their homepage for more details.

In 2018 it was decided that the Cambourne busway would not run along Madingley Road and instead follow an off-road route south of the road. Most likely this route would cross the M11 on a new bridge and pass through Charles Babbage Road before veering south and reaching Grange Road via some undetermined option parallel to Adams Road.


  • Adams Road rally being held on 17 Jan, 2020 at 12:15pm with Daniel Zeichner, MP.
  • GCP Joint Assembly hearing will be on 30 Jan, 2020, with agenda papers published around 20 Jan.

Routes between West Cambridge site and Grange Road

Since a consultation in 2018 it was largely believed that the busway alignment would follow the Rifle Range route to the south of the University Sports Grounds as this would keep the buses separate from other traffic for the longest possible extent.

In August 2019 officers began to discuss a possible change of alignment to run buses along Adams Road instead because of disputes with colleges they encountered while planning the Rifle Range route.

On 17 September the GCP held a 'drop-in consultation session' at Clare Hall where they presented several drawings showing a busway running into Adams Road. Residents and councillors expressed strong displeasure with the dangers created by the busway and the poor design of the junctions.

  • The junction of Wilberforce Road, Coton Path and Adams Road would have a busway added to the mix. Three options were presented. All of them shunt aside the Coton Path in favour of giving priority to the busway.
  • The busway would run along the southern side of the Coton Path but eventually would have to cross the path to reach the West Cambridge site. Users of the Coton Path would need to pass in gaps between fast-moving buses to continue their journey.
  • Adams Road itself would be largely untouched except for the clearance of car parking along the entire length.

Photos from 17 September consultation