Madingley Road

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Madingley Road


The major road that runs east/west on the northern side of the West Cambridge site.

In December 2018 the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) decided that they would begin a project to create safe walking and cycling infrastructure on Madingley Road, in response to residents concerns and the needs of the various stakeholders along the road, including many colleges and the University.

Three workshops were held over the summer to discuss ideas. We expect to see a consultation published sometime by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

The third workshop showed two options, one with more on-road cycle lanes, and option 2 with more protected cycleways (as well as separate and dedicated footways). Some better junction designs as well, including a possible protected junction at Eddington Ave / High Cross and also a tie-in with the protected cycleway proposed along JJ Thomson Ave.

Consultation: January 2020 until March 2nd

Madingley Road Cycling and Walking project consultation launched


The Madingley Road consultation runs from midday today, Monday 13 January 2020, until midday on Monday 2 March 2020.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has launched a consultation on proposals for cycling and walking improvements on Madingley Road in Cambridge.

The proposals, which are are part of the GCP’s vision to create a better and greener transport network, connecting people to homes, jobs and study, aim to encourage people to choose greener ways to make their journeys to and from Cambridge city centre. The scheme aims to reduce the number of car journeys into and out of the city via Madingley Road, by increasing the number of trips made to and from the city centre via Madingley Road by foot and by bike.

Full details of the consultation, including ways in which you can respond, are on our website at

We’d love to hear what you think of our proposals.

The consultation closes at midday on Monday 2 March 2020.