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  • The Ridgeway cycle route. 'Opening' of section between Storey's Way and Madingley Rise delayed until September 2017 (now partly opened -- 4 September).

Documents related to active travel in Northwest Cambridge

  • Planning application site
    • Design & Access Statement
    • Transport Statement
      • Appendix A shows proposed bus routes -- these are highly questionable, involving a major detour of the Citi 5 route that will be unpopular with existing users of that route.
      • Table 5.1 shows a design typology for primary streets involving 2.0 metre cycle lanes. These are considered substandard for new-build streets, where 2.1 metre is expected minimum, and 2.5 metre optimum (for uni-directional lanes). Having said that, the main issue is ground clearance to ensure that there are no dangerous obstacles to collide with at pedal-height. With 2.0 metre cycle lanes, ground clearance could be provided by a buffer of short grass between the cycle lane and any obstruction, for example.
  • Bus stop design planning statements
    • Detailed bus shelter paving and seatwall diagram
      • Indicates "435mm WIDE FINE PICKED G603 ROYAL WHITE GRANITE KASSEL KERB WITH 160mm UPSTAND BY HARDSCAPE OR EQUAL AND APPROVED. SPEC REF: Q10 123". This is probably a good sign: Kassel kerbs are a type of chamfered kerb that is supposed to help with step-free boarding onto buses.
      • However, the layout of the bus stop does not comply with design guides such as the Accessible Bus Stop Design Guide from TfL. The bus shelter takes up the entire platform and would block the egress of people using wheelchairs from the bus.
      • The Accessible Bus Stop Design Guide from TfL suggests that shelters and other amenities be located away from where the bus opens its doors. The front door of the bus should have a 2m by 2m square to open into, and the middle door of the bus should have a 4m by 2m rectangle to open into.
      • We should prepare for a future where all buses have at least two doors, so the platform should be long enough for the 2m by 2m front door space and the 4m by 2m middle door space, with approximately 2m in between the two spaces.