Antarctic Chasm One

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Client: Matt Polaine, British Antarctic Survey <>

The Brunt Ice Shelf in the Antarctic is growing a massive chasm at the rate of 1.7km a year, that may lead to an area of nearly 1,000 sq km breaking off and taking the Halley VI base with it. Your task is to make a 3D immersive visualisation of this growing chasm, allowing viewers to descend into it in the way that BBC’s Peter Gibbs did on camera ( You will have access to aerial scans, photographs, video, multispectral satellite imagery, ground penetrating radar of the crack and other data from technical specialists at British Antarctic Survey (BAS). You will use these to extrapolate places where data is missing, and also to model the growth of the chasm for a speeded-up view of the future. For a full immersive effect, spatialized audio would add further realism.