Scrobble Exchange: A massively multiplayer game

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Client: Sunil Shah, -

Scrobble Exchange - A Massively Multiplayer Game is the world's most popular music recommendations website with tens of millions of users. Users scrobble<> tracks that they listen to, which we collate into charts which show the most popular artists and tracks and can be filtered by geography and genre. Using our extensive API<>, this project's goal is to create an online multiplayer game where users can invest in a portfolio of artists and gain returns based on the performance of their portfolio. The mechanics of the game are up to you but you should take steps to prevent cheating, and implement market dynamics so users' behaviour has a visible effect on the market price of an artist. A successful project would likely see implementation on and be made available to our large userbase, so scability is a key design goal, as is portability to the operating environment (Python or PHP against a Postgres database under Debian Linux).