Affiliated Researchers

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Crucible has also established collaborative relationships with a number of Affiliated Researchers at other Universities and research organisations. These include graduates and previous members of the Network in Cambridge, as well as senior researchers with multidisciplinary backgrounds in design who have advised and collaborated with Crucible in the past.

Susan Watts

Carl Gombrich

Jussi Parikka

Tom Ling

Dave Gray

William Box

Matthew Taylor

Bruce Gernand

Jofish Kaye

Brock Craft

Alejandro Viñao

Bronac Ferran

Tim Regan

Giles Lane

Lizzie Muller

James Leach

Amrit Srinivasan

Martin Eppler

Gerhard Fischer

Simon Biggs

Mark Gross

Andrew Barry

Scott deLahunta

Chris Roast

Jeff Patmore

Matthew Postgate

Arlene Oak

Kerry Rodden

Dawn Nafus

Ken Wood

Bill Thompson

Sally Fincher

Gary Marsden

Martyn Dade-Robertson

Bob Bloomfield