Cecily Morrison

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Cecily is currently a post-doctoral researcher in the Engineering Design Centre. Her work considers how technology can support clinicians in their care practices. She has a number of crucible projects running at the moment:

Information systems in critical care (ISCC) This project compares practices around 5 user-customisable clinical information systems use in critical care. The analysis will consider how data is produced, care coordinated, and decisions made given the customisation choices in each system.

Emotion regulation therapies for people with cognitive impairment This project is probing how SenseCam data can be combined with ECG data to support memory during therapies to enhance emotion regulation and support a sense of self.

User-customisable systems to support disaster medicine in China Most systems that support disaster management help coordination of the effort rather than the clinical work. This research project will consider how user-customisable systems can be used to support clinicians during a disaster while producing data to enable public health efforts.

Bodies in Space: Investigating technology as co-present group interaction The result of a phd, this project considered how a clinical information system influenced interaction during ward rounds in critical care. It delved into a range of methodologies for exploring embodiment.