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Crucible co-director Alan Blackwell is based in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he has developed a complete undergraduate design syllabus for computer science students:

The Computer Laboratory has always pursued its research in an interdisciplinary manner. Founded as the Mathematical Laboratory by Maurice Wilkes, it combined mathematical and engineering research, leading to the development of the pioneering EDSAC machine. The Rainbow Group founded by Neil Wiseman collaborated with artists and designers from the outset. Heads of department such as Roger Needham, Ian Leslie and Andy Hopper have actively crossed boundaries between academic and commercial research activity. The Computer Laboratory has enjoyed close links with commercial research laboratories such as Microsoft Research Cambridge (established by Roger), the Olivetti Research Laboratory and AT&T Research (established by Andy).

The Computer Lab Ring is an innovative organisation for current and past members of the Laboratory to maintain their professional connections. Established by Stephen Allott and managed by Jan Samols, the Ring has been engaged with the Crucible policy and design teaching agendas from the outset.

Other members of the Computer Laboratory who are actively engaged in interdisciplinary research with Crucible members include: