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Funding programme initiated by Bronac Ferran at the Arts Council of England, subsequent to the New Technology Arts Fellowships, and art-science research fellowships with AHRC.

Local regions of England developed their own approaches to the programme, with Crucible actively involved in three placements for the East of England.

One of these was an international collaboration working with Gordon Knox, director of Californian interdisciplinary arts centre Montalvo Arts, and artist Julie Myers travelled to California form the UK, for a residency with Adobe Systems (locally managed by The Junction).

Rita Marcalo was a dancer appointed to a residency at GlaxoSmithKline in association with Arts & Business and EssexDance:

The final grant was managed by Wysing Arts, following initial conversations with Tim Regan and Alex Taylor at Microsoft Research Cambridge that proposed a complementary technologist-in-residence to be based at Wysing.

The south-western region fellowships were coordinated by Crucible associate Kenton O'Hara, now based at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

The overall evaluation of the programme was carried out by James Leach and Samuelle Carlson.

Crucible collaborators: