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If you are not already a student in Cambridge University (e.g. if you are a student in India), and plan to send an email to somebody enquiring about the opportunity for an internship, please include the following text as the first line of your email:

"I have read the advice about applying for internships on the Crucible network web pages."

For students in Cambridge:

Summer research opportunities in a range of departments are advertised within the UROP programme. This is only available to students already registered for a degree in Cambridge.

Cambridge students can also apply for vacancies advertised by the University Temporary Employment Service.

For students outside Cambridge:

The University Temporary Employment Service advertises internship opportunities that are available to Cambridge students, and also to students from elsewhere. However, these are subject to right to work in the UK (that is, you must have a work visa for the UK, or have the right to work in the European Union).