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* [[Humanities in the European Research Area]]
* [[Humanities in the European Research Area]]
* [[Evidence of Value: ICT in Arts and Humanities]]
* [[Evidence of Value: ICT in Arts and Humanities]]
* See also the wide range of [[:Category:Arts productions]]

==Research Projects==
==Research Projects==

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Crucible Network for Research in Interdisciplinary Design

Crucible is a research network that originated in the University of Cambridge, and has become the largest organization in the world dedicated to promoting rigorous research collaboration between technologists and researchers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AH&SS). The main focus of this collaboration is on design as a meeting point for widely differing research disciplines. Crucible activities include the establishment of new research programmes, training of researchers, input to policy bodies, and identification of suitable funding sources for research in interdisciplinary design. Crucible provides both a scientific and organisational framework for this research.

Why the name? The crucible has always been a melting pot for valuable materials, the origin of new alloys, materials of innovation. We believe that the post-industrial crucible must be a place for melting and blending valuable knowledge and ideas.

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Crucible Network Members

One of the long term goals of Crucible is to support the creation of an international network of researchers and educators having shared interests. The focus of this network is on collaboration between technologists and arts, humanities and social science researchers, leading to reflective research in interdisciplinary design.

Crucible coordination activities are currently carried out by Alan Blackwell (Computer Laboratory), David Good (Social and Developmental Psychology) and Nathan Crilly (Engineering Design Centre).

Core contributors to the overall Crucible agenda have included Rachel Hewson, James Leach and Lee Wilson

A complete list of participants in the Crucible network can be found on the page Category:People

Events and Programmes

Research Projects

Crucible is a network, not an institute. Our approach has been to establish, facilitate and maintain collaboration between academics whose expertise can contribute to the goal of interdisciplinary design research. This has resulted in a matrix of connections: diverse projects, each structured in accordance with the skills and experience of the researchers involved, and a broad range of researchers both inside and outside the University. Crucible involvement has ranged from direct management of local teams to coordination and advisory input on large national and international initiatives.

A full list of Crucible projects can be viewed here: Category:Projects

We have grouped projects into a number of over-arching themes: Category:Themes