Process plant exploration

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This student design project was carried out for Jonathan Boardman from Aveva. The objective was to explore the APIs of Aveva's process plant design product, by designing a more playful approach to interaction with the plant model, inspired in part by the gaming technologies for anatomy education project carried out at CARET.

Original design brief: "Pipe Dreams"

Design an online fantasy game in which players compete to reach items of treasure inside a three-dimensional maze of pipes and tanks. The display need not be three dimensional (it might use 2-D perspective renderings of the pipe interiors), but should give advice on which players have the best chance of reaching each treasure, based on speeds with which players can run around corners of varying radius, climb ladders versus sliding down, etc. Although players only see the inside of the maze, you can create a 3-D visualisation for use by a Game Master, by exporting the whole maze description to the rendering engine used in the Aveva prouct range.