Standard reply to students writing to request an internship

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I receive a large number of queries regarding internships. Mostly these are spam, from people who have no idea what kind of research I do. I do try to reply to these, but send a standard response as below.

If you would like to make it clear that you are making a personal approach, rather than sending spam, please start your email with the sentence "I have read the advice linked to your home page about applying for internships", followed immediately by answers to the following questions:

1. If you are writing from Cambridge:

Please explore the Cambridge UROP programme. UROP posts are usually advertised as specific vacancies - please tell me which one you are applying for. Please note that the UROP summer internship programme in Cambridge is restricted to students who are already registered for degrees in Cambridge.

2. If you are writing from elsewhere:

a) Are you applying for a specific internship scheme, perhaps from your own country? If so, please ensure that you give details of this scheme, where it is administered, and how it is funded, with a link to the URL for the scheme.

b) What specific area of my research did you wish to work on? For a definition of what I mean by "specific", please consider the advice in the page Applying to work with Alan Blackwell

Standard reply


Thank you for your email. You have received this standard reply because you do not seem to have read the advice linked to my home page. If you had read that advice, you would have started your email with the sentence "I have read the advice linked to your home page about applying for internships".

Thank you for your interest in my research, if your email had mentioned this. If you do have an interest in my own research area, would like to carry out research in this area yourself, speak and write good English, and have an excellent academic track record from a leading university in your own country, I would be pleased to receive an application for a place on the Cambridge master's programme in Advanced Computer Science. Application details can be found here:

If you wish to pursue opportunities in Cambridge (or elsewhere) any further, I have also provided more general advice in the page "Applying to work with Alan Blackwell"

Best wishes, Alan Blackwell