Strategy roadmaps

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How are visual "roadmaps" integrated into the practices of strategic management? The study of this widespread phenomenon integrates questions of graphic design, small group collaboration, communication studies and organisational management.

Led by Rob Phaal at the Institute for Manufacturing.

Collaborators: Nathan Crilly, Engineering Design Centre, Alan Blackwell, Computer Laboratory, Martin Eppler, institute for media and communication management at University of St Gallen

Blackwell, A.F., Phaal, R., Eppler, M. and Crilly, N. (2008). Strategy Roadmaps: New Forms, New Practices. In G. Stapleton, J. Howse and J. Lee (Eds) Diagrammatic Representation and Inference, Proceedings of 5th International Conference (Diagrams 2008). Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence LNAI 5223. Berlin: Springer Verlag, pp. 127-140.

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