Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP)

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The development and maintenance of the UROP programme has been a major Crucible initiative since 2002. Initially based on the UROP programme at MIT, and developed by David Good within the education programme of the Cambridge-MIT Institute, the programme has since been maintained with funding from the Newton Trust, and from EPSRC (coordinated by Alan Blackwell)


UROP programme coordinators:

Specific cross-disciplinary projects funded under the UROP scheme include:


Modern and Medieval Languages

1. Software techniques for integrating digital video into language learning Supervised by Gavin Burnage Student Dominic Smith

2. Register in the History of Spanish

Supervised by Chris Pountain

Student Gemma Wheeler and Julia Angell


Cavendish Laboratory

James Mead worked on Dasher

Computer Laboratory

Chris Smowton worked on Dasher

Gareth Bailey, Hugh Warrington, Mattias Linnap, Vincent Chen, Vilius Naudziunas



Kirsty McDougall, supervised a student working on Forensic speaker identification Student- Qinkan Wu


Social Anthropology online video library Contact: Paul Sumption / Alan Macfarlane Student: Dahir Alissan

Investigated online interface to the Social Anthropology video library of approximately 3000 films.

Computer Laboratory

3D control of music structures - supervised by Chris Nash - student Tris Bracey - working with Alejandro Viñao



Statistical analysis of violin timbre perception Supervisor: Claudia Fritz/Ian Cross Student: Andrew Norman

Computer Laboratory

Software for dance Supervisor: Luke Church Student: Cheryl Hung

ReadYourMeter.org Supervisors: Luke Church, Ian Davies, Andrew Rice, Alan Blackwell, David MacKay Ravi Rayan, Pete Calvert, Dan Ryder-Cook


Computer Laboratory

Supervisor: Luke Church Student: Adona Iosif


Computer Laboratory

Evolutionary blending of 3D surface models - part of the Coded Chimera project Student Graeme Morgan

Student: John Lawson - part of the Flagship Retrofit project


Computer Laboratory

Student Rory McCann - part of the Flagship Retrofit project

Student Tom Whitehead - Taxonomic inference project