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I'd like to be informed about future developments to the map
Announcements about the map will be made to the ucam-webmasters@lists.cam.ac.uk mailing list. Feel free to subscribe to this low-volume list.
What sort of feedback would you like to receive?
We're interested in at least bugs, 'didn't do what I expected's, usability issues (though many are going to be intractable), suggestions, and reports of factual errors. All to the UCS Service Desk service-desk@ucs.cam.ac.uk please.
Why doesn't it work on my mobile phone?
We have tested on Android 2, Android 4, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If yours is a problem please tell us the phone, operating system and version, and screen size if possible.
Why is the page styling non-standard?
The University is in the middle of developing new guidelines for presenting information on the web that will unify the approach to desktop and mobile devices ('Project Light'). These guidelines will be published in September 2012 and the map will be updated to match them sometime thereafter. In the meantime we haven't expended much effort on the details of how the pages appear. This does mean that the appearance may change, perhaps radically, sometime in the future.
Why isn't <insert department name> marked on the map, only its buildings?
Our current approach is to only mark physical buildings on the map itself, and to leave the association between buildings (and their locations) and University departments, etc, to the map presentation system. While there are many cases where it might make sense to put department names on the map itself, there are also lots of cases where it wouldn't (for example, many University buildings are occupied by multiple departments and other University institutions).
Also bear in mind that as a member of the University you are probably looking at the map from the point-of-view of someone who knows, and that the map is primarily aimed at those searching for a particular institution or place, not trying to identify an institution from some know location. This is however a judgement call, and feedback as to what you'd expect would be valuable. This is an issue that we may revisit in the future.
If you want to know who occupies a particular building, just click there on the map and you should get a list of who lives nearby.