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I'd like to be informed about future developments to the map
Announcements about the map will be made to the ucam-map@lists.cam.ac.uk mailing list. Feel free to subscribe to this low-volume list.
What sort of feedback are you looking for on this 'beta' release?
We're interested in at least bugs, 'didn't do what I expected's, usability issues (though many are going to be intractable), suggestions, and reports of factual errors. All to the UCS Service Desk service-desk@ucs.cam.ac.uk or on-line to http://issues.map.cam.ac.uk/ please.
Why does the map display so badly on mobile phones?
The feasibility study that resulted in the map as it appears at the moment only included desktop display. We know how we want to do a mobile version and we've made provision for this. One of the things we know we need to do before a full launch is complete this.