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This wiki contains information about the new, OpenStreetMap-based University Map. The information here is aimed at webmasters and developers who want to make use of the various facilities offered by the map service, or who want to contribute to the underlying OpenStreetMap data on which the map is based.

The map can be accessed at

There is a useful introduction and set of examples of what you can do with the map that you might want to start with.

How to link to the map to display various things
The Embedding API
How to easily embed the maps in other web pages
The Tile API
How to use the map tiles provided to create your own maps when the embedding API isn't suitable
The Database API
How to access the information database underlying the map
Terms and conditions, Copyright, Fair Use, etc.
The conditions under which we provide the map and its associated services, what you need to do if you use it, etc.
Accessing OpenStreetMap
How to interact with the data in OpenStreetMap
Case Studies
Examples and case studies from people using the map
Frequently (or at least occasionally) asked questions

Please report problems, issues, etc. to the UCS Service Desk