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This describes a forthcoming feature, expected to be released in February 2013. It is not generally available yet.


This page provides information about interactive annotation of the University Map. If you are interested in scripting or programming overlays from other data sets, see the UCamGeoJSON API.


It is useful to be able to customize the University Map. This might be for

  • something ephemeral, like emailing directions or highlighting a meeting place to someone;
  • something semi-permanent such as locations of a series of events around the University (for example, consider the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, or Science Week);
  • something permanent, such as more detail or special interest information (for example, consider disability information, college staircase locations, college meeting rooms, or the Granta Backbone Network).


This is achieved by referencing in the map URL a set of annotations stored at a another URL somewhere on the internet. This could be

  • temporary storage provided by the map server itself,
  • your personal University web pages,
  • a departmental website,
  • a shared Dropbox file (or other cloud service)
  • anywhere, really, subject to certain security limitations

This URL is given in the fragment part of the map URL, that is, the bit after a hash sign '#', like this


The link provides a set of data in UCamGeoJSON format. This can be generated programatically where you have a geographically-minded data set to display, but for more casual use interactive Map Annotation, in effect to draw on top of the map and then save your annotations for other people to refer to.