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The 'new' University map is (or shortly will be) generally available as a public 'beta' preview. We expect this to become a supported service in September in time for the start of 2012/13 academic year, replacing the existing map at

The 'beta' status is because we still have some work to do on the map as it stands and we don't want people starting to use it in production until we are ready. It's possible that some aspects of it will change, perhaps significantly, between now and the full release.

So, please look at it, play with it, and consider how you might use all the facilities that it provides but take note of the following:

  • Please don't (yet) start using the map as a production service.
  • We know it doesn't work well on small-screen mobile devices. We hope to address this before launch.
  • To let us know about an error or a change needed to the map, for example if a department is moving, or to make a suggestion please contact the University Computing Service service desk ( If you have a Raven login you can also report issues directly to the map issue tracker.