Terms and conditions, Copyright, Fair Use, etc.

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Our implementation of the map is provided to support the work of the University and its associated institutions. You are welcome to use it and its associated services (the Embedding, Tile, and Database APIs) for this purpose in any way that that is compatible with the mission of the University to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence. If you are not clear if you proposed use is consistent with this then please ask (contact service-desk@ucs.cam.ac.uk).

There are however some things that you must or must not do and they are covered below.

Using the tiles

The tiles that make up the map are generated from information provided by OpenStreetMap. The OpenStreetMap licence allows this data for be reused in this way, but requires that OpenStreetMap is credited and that it is make it clear that the maps are available under OSM's licence terms. See the OSM legal FAQ for guidance on how to achieve this. The default map, on it's own page or when included in an <iframe>, includes a suitable OpenStreetMap credit. This issue mainly applies to anyone using the Tile API.

The situation is currently slightly complicated since OpenStreetMap are in the process of changing their license - please be guided by what's in their Wiki.

Using the Tile API

If you use our tiles then, in addition to crediting OpenStreetMap, please credit the University of Cambridge and its Computing Service for providing them. This is in your interest, because it will help to ensure that resources continue to be available to support the map system. We suggest "Map tiles from the University of Cambridge Official Map, provided and managed by the University Computing Service". Where appropriate, please link 'University of Cambridge Official Map' to http://map.cam.ac.uk/ and 'University Computing Service' to http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/.

Using the Database API

The contents of the database are copyright University of Cambridge © 2012. Permission is granted for reasonable use of this data via the published APIs as described above. Please credit this use "University data copyright University of Cambridge, used with permission. Data provided and managed by the University Computing Service". Where possible, please link 'University of Cambridge' to http://www.cam.ac.uk/ and 'University Computing Service' to http://www.ucs.cam.ac.uk/.

Fair Use

We provide the map and its associated services (Embedding, Tile, and Database APIs) for others to use and in the hope that they will be useful. However placing an excessive load on the map infrastructure will degrade performance for all map users. Please try to keep the load you place on the map infrastructure to a minimum, for example by reducing the number of tiles that you load in one go or by appropriately caching results rather than always repeating requests. If you believe that you have an application that will cause, or is causing, problems to our infrastructure then please contact us at service-desk@ucs.cam.ac.uk to discuss your needs.