Barry Rogers

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Barry Rogers is a neuro-social psychologist with an interest in the temporality, plasticity and learning. He teaches at the London School of Economics, and as an executive education specialist.

Project: Digital Rosary

"My approach might best be described as that of critical sense-making.

The core of my practice takes place in a non-traditional educational setting. I design and deliver customized learning interventions inside organizations. I work with small groups of experienced adult professionals typically transitioning from specialist to enterprise roles. This transition tends to challenge assumptions surrounding identity, highlights automaticity and requires active sense-making. I am interested in the application of formal classroom learning in the workplace (e.g. ‘transfer’). This area is highly problematic from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

Specifically I focus on the role of temporality in the generalization and maintenance of formal learning over time and space. Through my EdD research at the Faculty of Education I seek to make temporality visible. With Crucible colleagues I am currently working on an interactive visual tool. This aims to facilitate meaningful conversation and reflection on the relationship between learning and time in post-classroom (‘real-world’) settings.

I am interdisciplinary by nature and welcome all conversations of potential interest. Please feel free to contact me on / +(44) 7780 978979"