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The Cambridge-MIT institute (CMI) was a multi-year strategic collaboration between the two universities.

Crucible was involved in CMI from the outset, developing strategy for engagement of the schools of Arts and Humanities, and Humanities and Social Sciences, working on behalf of the Councils of those two schools. CMI funding structure required equal collaboration in projects from the MIT side, which limited activity in these areas due to the relatively small size of the equivalent MIT faculties.

Crucible therefore attracted additional funding of 5 million pounds from BT, originally intended specifically to support research in these areas. The final phase of CMI operation created the Communications Research Network.

Crucible Collaborators

  • David Good acted as Director of Education for CMI
  • Alan Blackwell was appointed as a CMI Fellow to develop the Crucible agenda
  • Jeff Patmore built on the final phase of the Communications Research Network, as Crucible contact within BT