Critical Care for the World

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This undergraduate group design project in 2010 worked with client Tariq Khokhar from Aptivate. The results were used to demonstrate potential for novel mobile applications during the initiation of the FrontlineSMS:Radio project.

Design brief:

In wealthy countries, hospital intensive care units often use sophisticated data monitoring and capture systems like IMDsoft MetaVision to enforce procedures and collect information about various drugs and patient vital signs. The World Health Organisation needs to establish more rigorous care and data collection for the kinds of emergency field hospital that deal with outbreaks of new viral infections like Ebola. But such a system would need to be customised for each site, by local staff, to deal with the huge variation in local training and resources. Your task is to design a field- customisable critical care system that could report research data to the WHO, while continuing to operate with the range of network connections, power supply and hardware availability typical in remote regions.

Crucible collaborators:

Crucible Theme: Humanitarian IT

Crucible Theme: Healthcare IT