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The University Map's export/print pages let you make an extract of the map in a variety of scales and formats. You can get:

  • at its simplest, just the map you are looking at fitted to an A4 page in a PDF file, which you can then print or pass on.
  • a similar page but where you choose the scale, area and information included.
  • an image file (a PNG) suitable for putting on another web site (though if you want a map in a web site, consider embedded the main map so you always get the most up to date version - if you want to mark on top, you can also do this using an embedded map).
  • a map for specialist use in publications: a PDF or EPS file of an exact physical size suitable for placement in a page makeup program such as Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress or Serif Page Plus.

To start exporting a map extract, choose Export/print from the More menu in the main University map at

Choose format



Choose scale (advanced)



Choose area (advanced - pdf)


Choose area (advanced - png)


Choose scale (specialist)


Choose area (specialist)


Wait for your map


Collect your map


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Specialist format examples

(scale-7500) (scale-3750)