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Current contact was a client at his previous employer: Imdad Sardharwalla <>

Previous contact: Luke Edwards <>

2019 discussion - One of the things Autodesk are looking to do in the next few years in move manufacturing to the cloud. We are in the early stages at the moment but should have technology more mature in the next 12 months. At that point I think there could be a number of opportunities for projects that your students would be interested in where they could happily take the IP. From stringing together microservices to automate manufacturing processes to using machining data to optimise processes…

Sadly at present I only have time to mentor on projects where we would want to retain IP.


I know that some other universities (mainly outside the UK) charge a fee for participation in this kind of programme, or even offer contracted student time as work for hire. In those arrangements, there would obviously be contractual terms for transfer of IP. I’m always interested in considering ways to extend our programme.