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Design Briefs for Cambridge University Computer Laboratory Group Design Projects 2021

This page currently lists design briefs under development. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome, to

All content on this site has draft status, subject to confirmation by both group project coordinators and project clients. There is no guarantee that these projects will be offered to students, either in the form described here, or at all.

Intellectual property

Notes on Intellectual property

Client briefing

Information on Logistics for Clients

Information for students, and course history:

Information for Directors of Studies

Information for the Coordinators

Management timetable for 2021

Master timetable for the course:

Work in progress - design briefs for 2022

Notes on: What makes a good project?

In 2022, we expect there will be 116 students, so 20 project teams: 16 teams of 6 and 4 teams of 5. We aim to advertise at least 22 design briefs, to allow for necessary cancellations.

Confirmed projects for 2022

  1. Mobilising the University
  2. Urban Stories
  3. Creative Community
  4. Social Media Wellbeing Filter
  5. Wiki Editor-Editor
  6. Carbon Accounting
  7. Empathetic Chatbot
  8. SMART Climate Goals
  9. Video Bones
  10. Personal Ambiguator
  11. Strawberry Fields
  12. Global Ground Truth
  13. One of: Online Programming Game, Green Maps, or Smart Bins
  14. Second of: Online Programming Game, Green Maps, or Smart Bins
  15. Reading the Leaves
  16. The Automatic Accountant
  17. Youth-led Future
  18. Flyathlon
  19. Exhibition Inference
  20. Conservation Evidence Synthesis
  21. Migration Simulation
  22. One of: International Treasury Service, or Household Payment Pool

Design briefs deferred to 2023

  1. Trading Reasons

Confirmed clients for 2022

Potential clients to contact for 2023

Incubator contacts

Development notes carried forward from 2021

Other clients from 2021

Previous ideas that have not been used

  • Character Locomotion Middleware - Frontier
  • Automatic accessibility assessor - Frontier

Potential clients that did not proceed, but could be considered in future

Archived records of previous years











Selected design briefs from earlier years

Projects that have been offered, but not assigned to groups

The usual reason for cancelling a project is that the topic has not attracted sufficient interest from students. It's worth keeping an eye on these, as some topics, or ways of phrasing them, seem less attractive. But fashions change!