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Suggestions from Jennifer Wright <>. but she will be leaving at end July. Use for followup

1.) Aptivate - We met with them recently and they're doing lots of really interesting work, which means they're quite stretched at the moment, but may have capacity nearer the time of the project. - Tom Lord - - is our key contact.

2.) Engineers Without Borders - there is a Cambs University Student Society ( branch which is supported by the UK branch of the main EWB organisation. The UK branch would be interesting to collaborate with. - Chloe Underdown (Innovation Engagement Coordinator),

3.) We are also currently working with Harsha Liyanage, from Sarvodaya Fusion ( I know we are currently asking quite a lot from them in terms of collaboration, and Sonia suggested they may have more capacity to get involved in planning such a project in the autumn as opposed to at the moment, but I pass on their details just in case. -

In terms of other NGOs we don't directly have links to but which may be interested in being involved in such a project:

1.) Practical Action ( - do some really interesting work on 'technology justice'.

2.) Plan - especially with their 'Because I am a girl' campaign which seeks to promote gender equality. In 2011 they conducted a 'fast-talk' consultation with adolescent girls from several countries to get a better idea of what they see as the innovative and empowering potential of ICTs in their lives, and then produced a report analysing the results. Key contacts included on the first page of the report (attached to this email.)

3.) UNICEF Innovation ( - it says (here: "We engage in partnerships with academia, private and public industry, and with the design and manufacturing world, with the aim of finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by children and their families in resource-limited settings. We welcome your input, whether it is leaving a comment in response to a challenge, or getting involved in one of our projects. If you have a solution to a challenge you think we should know about please let us know."

4.) The Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation - ( Its Strategic Plan for 2012-2015 identifies 6 priority areas on which it is focusing its contribution to the use of ICT4D across the Commonwealth. Tim Unwin, former CEO, wrote an introduction to our 2011 ICT4D report.