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Client Entrepreneur First

Contact: Matt Clifford <matt@entrepreneurfirst.org.uk>

Many tech companies collect data about potential employees via online application forms. But it's hard to know whether your own answers to each question are going to look competitive. Wouldn't it be great if you got feedback as you were typing, like the password strength guidance often provided when you choose a new password? The goal of this project is to use the large database of applications to Entrepreneur First to train a live interactive form processor that gives feedback as you type on how employable you seem to be. Once the form is complete, it should return a visualised "employability map" that pinpoints how you stand in relation to all the other potential applicants - for example, using data gained from a business networking site like LinkedIn. This map should take account of various aspects of employability (qualifications, technical experience, social life) and also the trade-offs between them.