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The group project coordinators use this page to document the annual management cycle for managing the course.

All correspondence with the coordinators, including internal discussion, takes place via the service address.



The convenor of the Industry Supporters Club (in 2021, Ben Karniely) solicits ideas for projects from Club members

Coordinators prompt Wednesday for industry contacts with potential projects

Coordinators collect personal contacts, project ideas from press etc

Confirm dates for timetable

Michaelmas term:

Finalise design briefs, and confirm the individual contact point to act as client for each project

Confirm availability of resources (datasets, hardware, cloud compute budget, software licenses, technician support). Direct costs associated with project are generally covered by client. If client is a charity, may need sponsorship negotiation. Equipment may be loaned, or donated, as client prefers.

Coordinators send briefing message to DoSes, with preview of workload and logistics, and to check whether some students need special support

Update the briefing booklet with timetable dates and any policy changes

Create Moodle page for preference voting

Format and print list of design briefs.

Briefing lecture, including pitch of design briefs

Put PDF of the design brief list online immediately after lecture.

Deadline for students to express project preferences via Moodle

After end Michaelmas term:

Run the allocation algorithm as soon as possible after preferences have been collected

Notify clients of any cancelled projects, with invitation to attend demo day

Book meeting times and rooms with all remaining clients

Prepare handout with group allocation and meeting appointment

Request archive copy of group filespaces, clear directories, define group CRSIDs for access

Lent term

Kickoff on first day of term

Deal with any immediate queries / complaints

Respond throughout the term to requests for excuse from meetings, medical issues etc

Respond to resource requests (redirect, usually with advice to be clearer about actual technical requirement)

Respond to concerns about design brief (say to negotiate with client)

Give how not to give a lecture presentation

Review interim progress report, and follow up with DoS and student where there are any concerns.

Confirm prize sponsors, and availability of representative for prizegiving ceremony

Ask all teams to submit presentation materials

Ask teams to specify any special presentation or demo requirements

Negotiate with building services / computer officers / technician support for demo arrangements

Print the exhibition programme

Make up table allocation signs

Design and produce voting mechanism (slips + counting template, or possibly an online system with authorisation tokens)

Prepare prize envelopes

Arrange catering and networking/rest room for clients

Collate all presentations into a single PDF, top-and-tailed with intro and thankyou slides.

On the demo day:

Confirm doors unlocked. Load PDF on lecture theatre PC. Connect second mouse to advance slides. Get stopwatch and 4-minute sign. At noon, start placing group name signs on demo tables. Warn students working in Intel lab that they will have to leave. Tidy up any crap. Deal with any emergencies / last-minute requests. Hang out a little with clients. Carry programmes to give to guests. Try to visit every group for appreciation of their work. At 4pm, shout for everyone to go downstairs. Meet with prize sponsors to confirm award procedure. Distribute voting slips (or other authorisation) to clients, guests, and members of research / teaching staff. Run the presentations in order. Collect voting slips and count. Manage prize award. Thank everyone. Run through the Intel lab to ensure not too much chaos for cleaners and following morning. Ensure any groups required to pack up equipment have done so. Go to dinner with supporters club members. Collect feedback and project ideas for next year. Collapse.

After end Lent term:

Review all student reports, and source repositories as necessary, for allocation of ticks

Notify DoS and student to request further information / mitigation where ticks may be withheld

Meet to decide tick penalties in relation to expected contribution

Notify other students that all other ticks have been awarded

Notify examiners and students affected of recommended penalties


Review meeting of the coordinators with Dinah