Reinfection Monitor

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Client:James Dickin, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence <>

A constant problem for PC owners is that, even after someone helps them remove a malware infection, they soon repeat the same action that caused the infection in the first place. And because malware doesn't usually advertise its existence, the user never learns how to stop it happening. The goal of this project is to create a network monitor dongle (possibly prototyped on a Raspberry Pi) that can simply be inserted as a router between the PC and home router, and will identify the network traffic that is characteristic of a particular piece of malware. It can be configured and left in place by the technician who cleans up an infection, and will send that person an email as soon as a reinfection is spotted (of course, it should also notify the user, provide a visible warning on the unit itself, and provide a local status report that can be accessed from a browser, with details helping users to understand what has happened). Some knowledge of networking on Linux will be required.