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Contact: Vaiva Kalnikaitė, Dovetailed <>


suggestion from Victoria Doerfer <> "Barometer of Public Emotions"


Your suggestion is definitely an area where we are happy to have projects. Two examples from previous years are:


2016: The Politics of Wikipedia


project: Ethical Surgery Assistant

Additional contact in 2019 - Francine Ganter Restrepo <>

Idea for 2020:

Auntie Iris (AI)

Client: Vaiva Kalnikaitė, Dovetailed

Morality and ethics are concepts created by people. However, people are not always inclined to behave in ethical ways. Much of the debate around the fast development of AIs has focussed on ensuring that machine learning systems are designed ethically and make decisions that do not result in harm to any. These debates assume that people are the authority on ethics and morality. In an ironic twist, your task is to build an AI that functions as an ethical consultant or agony aunt to its end users. Much like an interaction with an agony aunt, the system should take on a conversational dynamic, with the user asking a question for which the AI has a witty and philosophical response to.

AI agony aunt


Reducing food waste with IoT

Edible Lego


Something related to touch/tangible interaction?

Or location-specific, related to the recent chalking project in Mill Road?