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  • "Smith, Jessica" <>
  • "Williamson, Paul" <>

I spoke to Paul yesterday. We are both interested in principle however we are currently in the process of procuring a tool that will, in brief, automate aspects of CQC's qualitative analysis. I imagine Paul / Katherine previously mentioned this to you hence your suggested project below.

It might be interesting to have the students explore a 'spin-off' project from this (it's unlikely that whatever tool we procure will be a panacea!), but given we don't have the tool yet it might not be the right time for us to explore these options. Perhaps, if it's an annual student project, it's something we could consider next year? By that point, we would hope to have the tool up and running and we might have identified further business needs.

So, it is probably a 'no' for now but I'd be keen to discuss the longer term opportunities when we meet on 2nd Nov.

Finally, thank you for considering us as a potential client. I have had positive experiences of student projects in previous roles, so it's something I'm always keen to consider.