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For 2023:

Potential client: Adham Ashton-Butt <>

As I understand it, you’re looking for an interface that can be used by bioacoustics researchers to enhance semi-supervised labelling of classifier training data, alongside application / evaluation of the resulting classifiers.

We might want to give a hint regarding the kinds of algorithms to be applied, the nature of the sample data that would be used in a demonstrator, and the kind of user community this would be aimed at.

In 2022: Flyathlon, created in consultation with BTO Director Juliet Vickery <>

This is an updated variant of Flyathlon (2019 version), which did not proceed with a team (previously proposed client: Jennifer Border <>)

Originally based on suggestion by Chris Sandbrook: Cuckoo Race

See also previous project from 2013: Race the wild

Jenni's original request:

We've done some investigation of the Strava API to allow us to access the total miles for a group. It doesn't look like this is possible so the application would need to:

  1. Manage groups
  2. Allow individuals to join a group
  3. Link the app with their Strava account so we can access their data

We've also created some data that we could use as a starting point for the cuckoo path in a demo system.

We'd also need a website for people to register groups and see outputs of all groups and a website or (preferably) an App where people could register for a group and see their individual progress.


Could you give us some information about “Strava”, and how a student project would have to interact with it?

I wasn’t sure from your message how “groups” are defined (groups of people or groups of birds?)

Perhaps there is another document, giving background to your discussion with Chris, that I haven’t seen? Feel free to pass it on.