Exhibition Inference

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Client: Neta Spiro, Royal College of Music <neta.spiro@rcm.ac.uk>

The Royal College of Music Museum has one of the richest collections of music-related objects in the UK and Europe, spanning over 500 years of musical activity. A new layout has just been created, and the museum needs to learn how visitors respond to it in order to refine the design in future. We suggest tracking (with permission) visitors who may use QR codes to access media or links from a specific exhibition case. Your task is to combine time-stamp records of QR access with dead reckoning from a phone's step counter, glimpses of GPS signal through the museum windows, prior knowledge of valid walking paths around the museum display, and any other sources of data you can find, to get the best estimate of how visitors travel around the museum, as well as which exhibits they pause at and in which order.