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The Royal College of Music Museum maintains one of the richest collections of music-related objects in the UK and Europe. Standing in excess of 15,000 items, it represents a range of music-making activities over a period of more than five centuries. After undergoing extensive redevelopment, the Museum is reopening to the public in October 2021. The permanent exhibition has been designed in three sections on the same floor. These sections are highlighted in, for example, their spatial arrangement, colour of the walls, and content. The curator’s intention is for visitors to follow a particular route around the museum. However, it is currently unclear which routes visitors will take, where they will most pause, and the extent to which visitors will be similar to each other in their choices. A system that automatically traces and maps visitors' routes around the museum, where they look, as well as where and how long they pause for will help inform future developments of the museum.

I just had another idea which is rather novel. We could do step counting on the phone to try and do dead reckoning of distances people walk and where they might have gone to. It may also be possible to get *some* GPS information through windows, or location services from your WiFi hotspots if these are configured with accurate location.

Perhaps we could use QR codes so that visitors are able to access an audio sample related to a displayed object or case, request cookie permission to record the device ID, and then include an optional app that records steps and partial location data for later correlation with the times that we know a visitor requested the audio for a specific location within the exhibition?