Intelligent Tools for Coeliac Disease Diagnosis

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Client: Julian Gilbey, Lyzeum Ltd <>

In principle, computer vision and machine learning methods can be used to recognise coeliac disease. “Coeliac disease” is a very common autoimmune condition triggered by eating gluten, and treatable by following a gluten-free diet. Currently, in order to diagnose coeliac disease, pathologists manually inspect biopsies of gut tissue. We would like to automate this diagnosis process. Unfortunately, there are some difficulties; for example, different microscopes make the colours of the images look different, different samples look very different from each other, the images are huge, and we are interested in both small-scale and large-scale features. This project involves working on part of this process to allow for much faster and more accurate diagnosis, making use of computer vision and machine learning methods with other tools (for example image editors).