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Nathan Wilson <nathan.wilson@cantab.net>


Potential project ideas

Converging on: Mixed-reality PDF editor


1. Speed reader

There was a lot of hype around spritz, but does it actually help you learn faster? Spritz is a powerful tool that lets you read content faster, however one of its shortfalls is a decreased ability at comprehending what is being read. Can we find a better ways to do speed reading on digital content which improves comprehension and learning.

2. Photo-based deal finder

You are in a shop and you see a good deal on a DVD - but is it the best deal out there? Can we build an app that automatically gathers prices from various vendors based on a photo you take with your phone.

3. Network of local events

There are lots of events and activities going on in Cambridge every day but finding out about them isn't always easy. Can we build a system that gathers events from different student societies, public concerts, university talks and clubs into one place and lets you search and get updates of what is available to you at any one time. Can I tell this service where I am and at what times I am free and receive recommendations of events I would be interested in on a timeline within a 5km radius?

4. Contact manager

Keeping track of your friends and contacts across different platforms is time consuming and liable to mistakes. Let's make a system that puts all these contacts in once place and can smartly help you stay up to date and in touch. Could look at the potential for automatic replies and updates of new events - new jobs/relationships etc. There's nothing worse than forgetting to reply and losing touch with people we found interesting.