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Client: Ben Azvine, BT <>

UK voters are quite accustomed to seeing good quality visualisations of economic data, tax and public expenditure. But these aren't accessible in many parts of the world having low literacy, or where the only internet access is via the mobile network. Your task is to create an app that will run on a low cost Android phone, not using too much bandwidth, that allows developing world users to visualise, share and comment on economic data. Initiatives such as Gapminder, Africa's Voices and the Open Data Initiative might provide a starting point for design ideas, but you'll need to think about what information sources are both useful to developing world users and publicly available - is one organisation with the right kind of focus. You could consider designs based on the Mo Ibrahim Foundation indices, or even allowing citizens to see how their country compares to others on the Millennium Development Goals. Keep in mind that the kinds of visualisation suitable on a small screen will be very different to what might appear on a newspaper site. JavaScript visualisation libraries might come in handy, for example using a platform like PhoneGap. In any case, users should be able to find out how the visualisation was derived from the data, so that people in other countries can share, reuse or extend it.