Virtual Reality Trading Desk

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Client: Taylan Toygarlar, IMC (Netherlands) (

Financial markets today are one of the biggest raw data generators of our time, with billions of data points per day for some products. Most traders need to digest a very large number numerical and graphical inputs - they use four, six, eight or more screens - but can't see or reach all the data they need. In this project, you will use an Oculus Rift VR headset to distribute market data and visualisations in the virtual space around a trader. By turning their head, or looking up and down, they should be able to review rapidly changing data in various formats, and have their attention drawn to the most urgent changes if they need to act. The design of the visualisations could emulate those found in products such as Thomson Reuters Eikon - but it will be necessary to adjust these to the display characteristics of the Oculus Rift.