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NOTE: Maybe when this is up as an FAQ the (RAVEN failure page ) could refer to it? It's similar to http://www.cam.ac.uk/cs/docs/faq/n5.html but it pulls into a single place things that experience shows Help Desk customers are having trouble finding. It has been road-tested on a number of Help Desk calls and feedback has been positive.

Why Can't I Use Raven? (NOTE: or something similar...)

If you are having problems accessing a system that uses RAVEN authentication, please access the RAVEN test page and click on Select this link to take the test and authenticate with your RAVEN userid and password.

If you then get a webpage with a green tick on it and the word SUCCESS the central RAVEN server and your RAVEN account are working correctly. Any problem must be with the specific system (or your account on it) that you are trying to access. You will need to contact its particular support service for advice.

If you get a error Unrecognised user id or password then there's a problem with your RAVEN userid and/or password. You will need to do one of the following:


If you have an account (and know your password) on Hermes, the Engineering Department or DAMTP mail systems, or on the Biological Sciences 'Mole' you can get a password reset at Get your Raven Password. Forgotten original passwords, and new passwords, are given immediately on the screen. If you have changed your RAVEN password since it was originally issued, a new password will be generated and sent to you through the UMS.


If you do not have a Hermes, Engineering, DAMTP or Mole account and password for it, please see at How do I get a Raven password?