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We're working on improving Raven resources for developers and site operators.

Try out the new Raven documentation for size.

This is the Raven Support Wiki.

"Raven is a service used by some web sites that provide resources for the University of Cambridge, to identify people so that decisions (such as granting or denying access) can be made based on who that person is and on other information about them. Raven is provided by University Information Services (UIS), and uses standard UIS user identifiers (CRSid) and 'UIS passwords' to identify people." --

This Wiki is provided to collect together resources, ideas and experiences from people using and deploying Raven within the University. Please feel free to contribute anything you feel to be appropriate. Currently write access to this Wiki is restricted to people with Raven accounts who are currently at the University, but read-only access is available to anyone so please write with that in mind.

Background and reference
information about the officially supported part of the Raven service, links to documentation and resources elsewhere, etc.
Raven-enabled applications
a reference list of applications that have or could be adapted to use Raven (via Ucam Webauth and/or Shibboleth)
Raven-enabled services
services in the University that use Raven
Wish list
suggested improvements and enhancements to the Raven service

Web servers that want to use Raven can do so using two different protocols:

the (old) UcamWebauth protocol which was introduced along with the Raven service in September 2004
the (new) Shibboleth protocol supported by Raven since September 2007, with a refresh to Shibboleth v3 in December 2018

If you want to experiment with creating or modifying wiki pages then please use the Sandbox. Some (minimal) help is available. The managers (in so much as there is any management) of this wiki can be contacted at