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Details of applications that have or could be adapted to use Raven, via either the Ucam-Webauth protocol or Shibboleth. Note that this list is bound to be incomplete - before doing significant work on something not listed here (or perhaps even on something that is) it might be worth asking on the cs-raven-discuss@lists.cam.ac.uk mailing list and/or public Shibboleth support lists.

Just because there is something listed under 'Ucam WebAuth' or 'Shibboleth' doesn't imply that support for these protocols exists or is known to be working! Details of support for 'competing' technologies are included since they often provide useful hints about how Raven support could be implemented.

Software Raven Related SSO technologies
Ucam WebAuth Shibboleth OpenID Pubcookie CAS Stanford WebAuth
Web server plugins
Apache Apache_authentication_module [1]
64-bit Apache 2.2 for Windows [2]
Microsoft IIS IIS (obsolete) [3]
Servlet containers Servlet filter, Servlet library
Tomcat Tomcat authenticator, Tomcat Valve
nginx [4]
Programming language APIs
ASP/VBScript ASP Raven Authentication Module
ASP.NET MVC Cambridge.Raven
Java [5], [6]
Perl Ucam-WebAuth-AA
PHP PHP library [7] [8]
Python Python
Ruby Ruby Support
Other software
Catalyst Catalyst
Coldfusion Coldfusion
CourseWork CourseWork
Django django-ucamwebauth (Documentation for the Django module)
Drupal Drupal [9] Built-in [10] [11] [12] (Stanford login only)
Eventum Eventum
Joomla Joomla [13] [14] [15], [16]
JupyterHub jupyterub-raven-auth
Mailman Mailman Mailman
Mantis Minor tweaks, supports basic auth
MediaWiki Mediawiki
MoinMoin MoinMoin
Nagios Nagios
NoCat NoCat NoCat
Oracle SSO Oracle SSO [17]
PeopleSoft's PeopleTools PeopleTools
PhpBB phpBB
PHP Wiki PHP Wiki
Ruby on Rails omniauth-ucam-raven
Plone See Zope
Sakai Sakai Sakai
Soks wiki Soks
Symfony2 RavenBundle
Twiki Twiki
WordPress Shibboleth plugin and local usage notes
Zope [18], [19]
Hardware applications
Bradford Campus Manager Bradford Campus Manager

Custom Raven applications

Applications written directly to use Raven: