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mod_ucam_webauth is a C-based authentication handler for Apache that allows whole sections of an Apache website to be protected by Raven in the same way that the standard mod_auth module allows sections of a site to be password protected. It should work with Apache 2.0, 2.2, and 2.4.

mod_ucam_webauth only provides authentication and relies on standard Apache authorisation handlers (such as the one from mod_auth) to make decisions about who is entitled to access what. Alternatively, mod_ucam_webauth makes the authenticated user's identity available to CGI scripts and other web applications that it protects, making it possible for the applications themselves to make authorisation decisions without their having to understand the authentication protocol.

The module's source code is available:

   on github as a compilable module.

If you are looking here for RPMs, DEBs or other packages please note that these are now available on an as-is basis within the above github repository, under "releases".

At this time we have DEB and RPM builds available. We are looking into providing Win(etc) builds. Please check back here, or within the "releases" on github for developments in this area.

The INSTALL file contains instructions building and installing the module on Unix-like systems; INSTALL.Platforms contains platform-specific notes. README.Config contains details of how the module is configured and used.

mod_ucam_webauth is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

mod_perl handler

In addition to mod_ucam_webauth, implementations of authentication handlers in Perl (for running under mod_perl) also exist. These could be useful to someone who wanted to extend the existing functionality and who wished to work in Perl. The handlers are not currently being maintained but might be a useful starting point in some circumstances.