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UCam WebAuth IIS - Unsupported & Deprecated

UCam WebAuth IIS is a plugin for Windows IIS6 only - it doesn't work with other versions of IIS and so should be considered obsolete. The recommended way to integrate IIS with the Raven service is to use Raven's Shibboleth service Please note that there has been no work on this code for the past three years (as at Q1 2019). We have therefore removed (possibly temporarily) access to the sourcecode, but have left other files intact.

UCam WebAuth IIS provides both authentication (identifying people) and authorisation (deciding if they are allowed access to a resource). It maintains its own lists of users and groups, unrelated to the users and groups used by the underlying operating system. UCam WebAuth IIS also makes the authenticated user's identity available to CGI scripts and other web applications that it protects, making it possible for the applications themselves to make authorisation decisions without their having to understand the authentication protocol.

The documentation (in MS word format) contains instructions on building, installing and using the module. A change log and list of known problems are available.

The module is fairly new and, while it appears to operate safely and usefully, it has not yet been exposed to heavy production use. Potential users are advised to test it carefully in their particular environments before committing to its use. Please send feedback, positive or negative, to the cs-raven-discuss mailing list.

UCam WebAuth IIS is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.