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The Raven-related software described on this page is NOT supported or maintained by University Information Services. It is provided here in the hope that it may be useful, but it may contain bugs and security vulnerabilities. It may be supported and maintained by others. You should evaluate whether it meets you particular needs before using it.

'PeopleCode' is the name given to the language used to construct the toolkit (PeopleTools) used to construct PeopleSoft's various applications, including the student records system that implement's CamSIS. The Computing Service in conjunction with MISD impliment ed an interface that allows PeopleTools to use UcamWebauth, specifically Raven, to identify users.

The approach involves using PeopleTools "custom sign-on PeopleCode" feature to accept an authentication response from the UcamWebauth server. This the PeopleCode invokes a Java class to validates the message and which returns a success/failure message and the user's identity. The Java class is implemented using the Raven Java Toolkit and is intended to provide an interface that is easy to call from PeopleCode.

A copy of the interface class is available at