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This section of the Wiki lists University services that are making use of Raven. As well as providing an advertisment for each service, this list (though it will never be complete) may prove useful in demonstrating the take-up of Raven and in ensuring that it continues to receive the support and resources that it needs.

Please extend this list.

Central Services

University Information Services

Various web sites, including http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/, http://www.camsis.cam.ac.uk/, allows access to 'university only' material to anyone who can authenticate via Raven.

The University Student Information System, CamSIS, uses Raven for all user authentication.

Various web sites, including the University main web site, allows access to 'University only' material to anyone who can authenticate via Raven.

The web interface to the lookup Directory requires Raven authentication.

The UIS administrative database, Jackdaw, manages @cam e-mail addresses and IP addresses and uses Raven to identify its users.

Access to results from the Friendly probing system are available via Raven authentication.

The wireless networking service, Lapwing uses RAven for user authentication.

Acces to the index which lists both publicly available documents, and documents restricted to University of Cambridge maintained by the University-wide search engine is possible from outside the University network for Raven-authenticated users.

The Raven and Techlinks Wikis use Raven to identify users.

Problems using any of these services should be refereed to the UIS Service Desk.

University Library

Access to electronic resources, including ejournals

  1. Most online resources are available without restriction to users on the University network. The exceptions will need to be Raven authenticated and authorised via Lookup.
  2. Access to resources from outside the University network is available to people who can authenticate via Raven but they must also have the status or MIS status field populated in their Lookup record. This will have either staff or student.
  3. People with Raven IDs who don't have this attribute can apply to be put on a whitelist. To do this they must email raven@lib.cam.ac.uk but will need to provide evidence of their status in the University.

Access to iDiscover
Please note that it's not necessary to logon to iDiscover in order to use it. Logging on allows searches to be saved and items on loan to be requested, but the vast majority of material can be accessed without logging on. To log on a person must either have a University card or have registered at a library.

Access to Alma
Access to Alma, the library management system (which controls ordering and cataloguing of material, registration of users, loans, etc.) is via Raven. Requests for access must be done by a member of staff of a departmental or college library.

External access to the Library Intranet
Selected sections of the Libraries@Cambridge site, mainly documentation for librarians, uses Raven to identify its users.

Student Run Computing Facility

The SRCF provides the mod_ucam_webauth module to allow users and societies to use Raven easily.


University Information Services

Uses Raven internally to control access to a Wiki (Mediawiki), a request ticketing system (RT), some other 'Intranet' resources.

Cavendish Laboratory

Uses Raven internally to control access to the register of IP addresses. Research groups which are part of the Cavendish use Raven to provide authentication services for room booking systems MRBS and to track resource usage.

Raven authentication used for online booking form (php), and access to many web pages (e.g. computing information) that were previously limited by DNS name/IP address.

Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies

Users of Camtools are authenticated via Raven.

CamTools is an implimentation of the Sakai VLE.

Department of Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics

[ Still testing parts so more will be added later ]

Access control to various web based resources (e.g. damtp-only pages, also in use for our (test) (RT) server. We have a setup to allow Raven authenticated access to our laptop network Lapnet.

Department of Chemistry

Many web pages are now authenticated with Raven and sometimes with host-based authentication as well, such as: the Dept. telephone book, internal computing information (particularly security), network connection application form and [MRBS] installs

Distribution of Mathematica software under the unlimited licence deal.

Computer Officers wiki for shared documentation and project development notes.

More wikis, particularly as media wiki 1.9.4 has a nice extension for easy Raven authent

--mr349 16:13, 9 June 2008 (BST)

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Various pages which were previously cam.ac.uk only also allow acess via Raven. These are typically lecture notes and so far the assumption Raven == University of Cambridge is good enough.

Department of Geography

  • Editing of websites using PureContentEditor
  • External access to Intranet website
  • Wiki access
  • Online Computing Helpdesk and GIS helpdesk
  • Online printing credits request administration
  • Online central contacts database authentication
  • Online Undergraduate teaching/course assessments
  • Annual Undergraduate course selection system
  • Online GIS practical (submitted work)
  • Printer status monitoring administration
  • Data editing for various databases (Quaternary museum, pollen database)


The Cambridge Colleges' Online Reporting System for Supervisions (CamCORS) uses Raven for all user authentication.


Girton College

  • Allowing access to Local part of the main website, previously done by IP only
  • Computer Office Wiki (MediaWiki)
  • Various protected sections or whole websites, non-integrated


The JCSU (Jesus College Student Union) webserver runs mod_ucam_webauth to protect several resources, including:

It also uses a customised version of the PHP library to allow college members to log in to the main JCSU website.


Kings have a copy of WebNAG running.


A Raven-authenticated formal hall booking system.


Ward Library Catalogue

  • The catalogue of the working library of Peterhouse, open to members of College only.
  • The catalogue runs on the Sirsi/Dynix Symphony platform with Apache 2.x and uses mod_ucam_webauth.

Research Fellowship Competition website

  • The website for the annual Research Fellowship Competition. Raven is used to protect the adjudicators login.
  • Written by Cambridge New Media and hosted on a LAMP platform with mod_ucam_webauth.

Queens' College

Used on the QJCR website for:

  • Authenticating on the main website using the Drupal module (modified for own purposes) - this ties in with our table of faces (student database) to verify if someone is an undergraduate, and LDAP to retrieve their full name as their username if it is not available locally. (If you want the code, just contact the computer officer from the qjcr website)
  • Logging into the rooms database in order to enter information and for balloting purposes
  • Logging into the treasurer's society budget website

Robinson College

Used on the RCSA website for Authenticating using a Drupal module to:

  • Access our college newsletter
  • View allocations in our rooms database.

Sidney Sussex

Sidney Sussex College MCR

  • Controlling access for website modifications, booking system management etc. (Committee only)
  • Graduate formal and other event sign-up
  • Photo submission
  • Account management for computer access

Trinity College

  • Main Website secure areas (previously done by IP and custom password system)
  • Works Request system
  • Catering function booking system
  • JRF Committee system
  • Website Content Management System

Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall Computer Society

  • A formal hall booking system (Halbook)
  • The student-run web server provides the mod_ucam_webauth module for users to easily protect their sites with Raven

Trinity Hall Computer Support Group

  • A "captive portal" network signup system allowing first-time users of the college network to apply for an IP address
  • A network control panel allowing users of the college network to:
    • alter filtering rules on the centrally-managed firewall
    • view their network bandwidth usage
    • view print jobs from their computer and the corresponding charges
    • request additional IP addresses or a VPN account for access to the wireless network
    • edit our records of their computer details (e.g. MAC address for DHCP)
    • request a CAcert SSL certificate
    • issue a Wake-on-LAN packet to one of their computers
  • Several internal resources (including RT, Nagios and custom-written network management software)

Trinity Hall MCR

  • A system to swap tickets for grad hall
  • Systems to upload photos, create advertisements and RSVP to events through the website.

Trinity Hall Kitchen Comments

  • A system to leave comments for the kitchen staff. which can be replied to
  • Requires Raven authentication, but comments are anonymous
  • Written for Trinity Hall, but with other colleges in mind - if you'd like to use the code, please let me know!

Trinity Hall Boat Club

  • A user control panel, allowing boat club members to:
    • Run a profile which is displayed on the website
    • Book tickets for boat club dinner
    • Find contact details for other members of the club
  • Administration control panel for captains:
    • Write race reports for the website
    • Maintain crew lists for the website, which tie into member profiles
    • Edit static website content

Trinity Hall June Event

  • Raven login used for all users buying tickets online
  • Raven login used for administration back end authentication

Wolfson College

Central student-run organisations

Cambridge University Students' Union

  • Societies Directory
  • Authentication for online voting system - https://vote.cusu.cam.ac.uk/
  • Authentication of phpBB forum accounts
  • Target Visits volunteer sign-up facility
  • Editing system
  • Per-user restriction of various areas of website
  • Pre-filling of contact forms (with use of lookup)

Graduate Union

  • Running a copy of WebNAG
  • Controlling access to user-editable pages and online calendar
  • Authentication of phpBB forum accounts
  • Authentication for online voting system


Using raven for internal website authentication.

Running a copy of WebNAG

Contact Chris (cjw72) or Michael (mjd65) for any problems

University Societies (official/unofficial)

Cambridge University Hare & Hounds

Raven authentication is used from time to time when registering runners for college league races. The CRSid is logged along with the user's name, college and e-mail address (which they supply via a web form). To sign up individuals must log in with Raven. To view a list of registered runners, the user must be on the CUDN, or, if outside, use Raven authentication.

Cambridge University Jewish Society

Raven authentication is used for our kosher food booking service. We hold weekly meals over the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night) and Raven is used to identify Cambridge University members and link them to their pre-paid account. This allows them services such as topping up their account with credit as well as booking meals.

Cambridge University Canoe Club

Raven authentication used for members to log in and update their membership details and for new members to join.