Map updating procedure (draft)

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In brief:


  • get draketiles.osm (brings in other people’s changes) and put on JOSM

In JOSM (most current OSMap)

  • do work
  • upload updates to live OSM server (in JOSM)
  • save local copy (JOSM, ‘Save As’)
  • upload this local copy to University Map server (POSM, ‘Choose File’)

Re-render in POSM

  • click Render

In detail:

In JOSM, click the green download button to get the current map.

Firstly, do File, ‘Update data’ – brings everybody’s changes in from live OSM server.

On the Slippy map tab page, select area to work on. Click the download button at the bottom of the page, will then be in the JOSM Editor window.

Note. Striped area of map is outside of the bounding box and not editable.

Save as a local file (JOSM, ‘Save As’).

Upload the updates to the University Map server (POSM, ‘Choose File’, then click Upload).

Rendering: Once file has been uploaded, will need to render it (currently at each zoom level, will be all at once later).

In POSM panel click ‘Render’ current map.